<VV> NOS Carbs and tags - Adv

Grant Young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 9 16:06:01 EDT 2018

I have recently acquired 3 pairs of NOS carbs for 1960, '62, and '63 (still in GM boxes) in case anyone in the midst of a restoration is looking for some. I can upgrade them for ethanol without affecting their appearance if you want. Also have many, many nice carb ID tags for all years and styles that I have collected over the past couple of decades if you want that final touch to your engine compartment, not to mention about a dozen nickel-plated, look like chrome, fuel pump lids that I don't need. Just drop me a note for your needs, or check my eBay (thecarbmeister) store inventory for pictures (but don't buy there to get a discount). We are still dealing with daily rain storms and major heat in central Florida, so the more time I get in my new air-conditioned shop, the better.
Thanks for the space

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