<VV> Coil Question

Bill H. gojoe283 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 3 02:03:40 EST 2018

Hi all.  I posted this question on the "Corvair" group on Facebook but no one answered.  I thought perhaps someone with knowledge of coils and the Corvair ignition system could answer:
Hey all, hope you're doing well! I have a coil question. I'd like to replace the junky AutoZone coil with a better quality one, my 66 Monza has the 110 engine with a FAST (formerly Crane Cams) XR700 ignition. That ignition system calls for a standard "points" coil. I noticed in Clark's catalog a Bosch coil that's expensive but my research indicates that it's a superior coil, epoxy filled instead of oil. Clark's catalog shows a picture of the Bosch coil as 0 221 119 027, which is their "0012 Blue" coil. However, specs online indicate it has a 3.4 ohms primary resistance, isn't that too high for a Corvair that has the resistor wire in place? I currently do have the resistor wire in place. Can I use the Bosch coil with the resistor wire, or would I need to remove it? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks guys 
Thanks everyone...Bill Hershkowitz 66 Monza Sport Sedan 110 PG A/C

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