<VV> 1965 Monza Battery Lead Install?

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I had to look at one to see what the hidden end should look like.  Light levels were low where it was stored; so the picture is a little blurred.  I think you can see it.  There are only 2 legs.  Each is fairly wide.  The legs can be cracked or broken.  One could have broken off after installation, while you were putting the screw in.  A damaged leg could easily allow the screw to contact the frame rail.  The exact thing has happened to others.

Jim Simpson’s suggestion of using a small bolt and nut to hold the wires together and wrapping it with tape would allow you to continue checking out the rest of the electrical system while waiting for a new junction block.

Jim Becker

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G’day Jim,
Thank you so much! I think you may have solve my problem. 

Based on your advice and what I have experienced, I believe that the “short to ground” has occurred within the “little red junction box” and that the cause is likely to be the screw that holds the hot wires coming into contact with frame.

I think for some reason the screw has penetrated the little red junction box and has made its way through the frame. I think a reproduction junction box from Clarks might provide a permanent fix.

The existing red junction block has only two legs and I think it should have 3 or 4 legs. Do you think I am on the right track?
Regards and thanks again


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Your electrician is right.  The negative battery terminal should be 
connected to ground.  The positive battery terminal has a heavy cable plus a 
light cable.  The heavy one goes to the starter solenoid.  The light one 
should connect to the little red junction block.  The block should be 
attached physically to the frame rail near the battery.  It should not be 
electrically connected to the frame as it is a "hot" connection.  If that is 
where you are connecting the light cable, you have a short to ground either 
at the junction block or somewhere else in the hot wires running through the 

Jim Becker

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G’day everyone,
Today I connected a battery to our ‘65 Monza to start checking all the 
various electrical systems. As soon I connect the positive lead, which has a 
light gauge lead to ground / earth this lead over heated stated smoking and 
melting. Of I immediately disconnected it. No apparent damage apart from the 
ground wire itself.

Every book I have shows a ground / earth wire connected to the positive lead 
and the Negative has one also, but my Motor Electrician tells me this can 
not be right.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?
Regards from Australia
Carl Kelsen

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