<VV> What happened to the prototype modern fan

kevin nash wrokit at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 1 20:59:59 EST 2018

 Unfortunately, I've not been able to do a real world
in car test yet as I'm still waiting for parts to show up to
put my engine back together. I'm hoping to begin in car
testing sometime this spring, as we get a lot of Standard
Temperature and Pressure days, which are perfect for
the kind of testing that I'm going to be doing. In the meantime, I
done a number of preliminary low speed tests back to back comparing the stock fan
against my new fan, that simulated the pressures and rpms that would be
seen near an engine speed of 1000 rpm.... these tests have left me
extremely encouraged that my fan is really going to be living up
to my high expectations of it, but the output seems to be down a slight
amount. The first and most important test result is that when the fans
are running at the same exact "air horsepower", the stock fan is running
at 10% less rpm. According to the fan laws, this means that the stock
fan requires 30% more drive horsepower to run at the same rpm as my fan.
If I can trust my test, then this also means that my fan is 45% efficient
at or around an engine rpm of 1000 rpm, which is already quite a bit better
than the 1961-63 fan peak efficiency of 32%.... a good sign that I'm onto
something!! The other notable test was an "energy recovery" test, that
amounted to running both fans being driven by nothing more than a blow
dryer.. the fans were mounted on the fan hub taped down to a concrete floor
with a fan shroud also mounted and all holes taped off except for the large
cold air re-circulation hole open. For both fans, the blow dryer was used
to spin the fans and the rpm was measured using a laser tach. Despite
having near identical aiming with the blow dryer, my fan spun 22% faster
than the stock one, and according to the fan laws, it would take something
like 80% more power for the stock fan to run at the same rpm as my fan...
pretty dramatic difference in energy recovery!
Anyways, that's what I think I know about my fan at this point... I cant
wait to try this sucker out for real!!
Kevin Nash 63 Turbo EFI daily driver (hopefully soon back on the road!)

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