<VV> What happened to the prototype modern fan

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Thu Feb 1 23:01:52 EST 2018

All sounds very promising. Would it be feasible to make it out of 
plastic to keep the weight down?

On 2018-02-01 17:59, kevin nash via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Unfortunately, I've not been able to do a real world
> in car test yet as I'm still waiting for parts to show up to
> put my engine back together. I'm hoping to begin in car
> testing sometime this spring, as we get a lot of Standard
> Temperature and Pressure days, which are perfect for
> the kind of testing that I'm going to be doing. In the meantime, I
> done a number of preliminary low speed tests back to back comparing
> the stock fan
> against my new fan, that simulated the pressures and rpms that would 
> be
> seen near an engine speed of 1000 rpm.... these tests have left me
> extremely encouraged that my fan is really going to be living up
> to my high expectations of it, but the output seems to be down a 
> slight
> amount. The first and most important test result is that when the 
> fans
> are running at the same exact "air horsepower", the stock fan is 
> running
> at 10% less rpm. According to the fan laws, this means that the stock
> fan requires 30% more drive horsepower to run at the same rpm as my 
> fan.
> If I can trust my test, then this also means that my fan is 45% 
> efficient
> at or around an engine rpm of 1000 rpm, which is already quite a bit 
> better
> than the 1961-63 fan peak efficiency of 32%.... a good sign that I'm 
> onto
> something!! The other notable test was an "energy recovery" test, 
> that
> amounted to running both fans being driven by nothing more than a 
> blow
> dryer.. the fans were mounted on the fan hub taped down to a concrete 
> floor
> with a fan shroud also mounted and all holes taped off except for the 
> large
> cold air re-circulation hole open. For both fans, the blow dryer was 
> used
> to spin the fans and the rpm was measured using a laser tach. Despite
> having near identical aiming with the blow dryer, my fan spun 22% 
> faster
> than the stock one, and according to the fan laws, it would take 
> something
> like 80% more power for the stock fan to run at the same rpm as my 
> fan...
> pretty dramatic difference in energy recovery!
> Anyways, that's what I think I know about my fan at this point... I 
> cant
> wait to try this sucker out for real!!
> Kevin Nash 63 Turbo EFI daily driver (hopefully soon back on the 
> road!)
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