<VV> Ignition Woes

Bill H. gojoe283 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 4 21:03:24 EST 2018

Thanks for your suggestions folks.
I unhooked the CraneCams ignition, put in a new set of points, new condenser, new coil, new rotor, and redid the wiring from the points to the coil.  She ran horribly for about 5 minutes, stalled, and refused to start again.
I set the points gap at .019.  No other changes.
Then I removed the points, reconnected the CraneCams ignition, she started and ran fine.  It is quite possible that the coil was bad because last summer she overheated badly on a hot summer day in city traffic, the A/C on full blast.
In any case I've been sold on electronic ignition system upgrades for older cars for a long time.  As long as they are working, they are a huge improvement over points.
Despite my exhausting walk along I-87 between Yonkers and Monsey last night, I couldn't find that darn ignition switch!  Bob must have really found it!   Even went through 3 sets of flashlight batteries!!  :-) 
So I may have to break down and get one for $15.00 in eBay.  One with the 1969 style key LOL.
Again, thanks everyone for your help!...Bill 
66 Monza Sport Sedan - Artesian Turquoise110 PG factory A/C

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