<VV> stuck valve cover bolts

JUDY HOOK judynrandy at comcast.net
Sun Feb 11 15:40:58 EST 2018

Part 2 (I hate computers)

You technically don't have to remove the exhaust manifold, but you can't get the front shroud off unless you do.  You'll also have to lower the engine somewhat to gain the clearance to pull the head straight off.  While you have the head off you should also use a trick from the tech guide.  Get a spare bolt the same size as the holes you are working on and cut a slot in it.  Then spray some WD-40 in the hole and screw it in an out a couple of times.  You'll be amazed at the garbage the appears in the slot!!!  Also, you don't have to replace the head gaskets.  Just very very gently work them up and out of the bore.  Clean and inspect the bore and gaskets.  If they appear in good shape, re-use them.  I've followed that formula for 30+ years and have had ZERO problems.  Common sense does apply.  Also, once you have the head off the car, you can now do a good job de-flashing it, too.  The torque pattern in the "how to keep your corvair alive" book should be used.          Hope this helps

Randy (Cap'n) Hook 

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