<VV> Very Nice Rampside Camper Restoration

Steven J. Serenska corvair at serenska.com
Fri Feb 16 15:12:19 EST 2018


My next door neighbor enjoys camping and owns a rig that he puts on his 
pickup, an Airstream trailer, and other related accessories.  He's the 
kind of guy who reads "Truck Camper Magazine".

He sent me this link of a very nice Rampside Camper restoration that I 
had never seen before:


If anyone knows of a website that shows more of this vehicle, I'd like 
to see it.  I wish more photos were included in the article. Based on 
what's there, I have idea where the beds would be located in a 
conversion like this.


Steven "not a camper himself" Serenska
Bristol, RI

1965 Monza Convertible, 110/4
1966 Corsa Coupe, 140/4

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