<VV> Installing a LM Engine Perimiter Rubber Seal

FrankDuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Thu Jan 11 21:18:36 EST 2018

Yes, I have done it both ways, and leaving all those little sheet metal 
screws in the body is the way to go. You did it right. Keep snapping the 
rubber in place.


On 1/11/2018 8:18 PM, Joel McGregor via VirtualVairs wrote:

> Not sure on a new one but with an old seal your order is easiest.  I can't remember doing a new seal at the same time the engine was out but I'm sure plenty of people here have.
> Joel McGregor
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> G'day everyone,
> Thanks to the helpful advice that I receive from Virtualvair subscribers, I now have the completely restored drive train installed back into our RHD '65 Monza convertible.  But now I am facing the next challenge of installing the large perimiter rubber engine seal. Here is how I am attacking this task. Hopefully this is the best method.
> Prior to Engine Installation I........
> 1/
> Test fitted the perimiter seal to the engine itself to ensure that there would be enough length to fit around the full length of the engine tinware.
> 2/
> Then removed the rubber seal from the engine and installed it to the car's body (engine opening).
> After Engine / Drive Train installation I.......
> 3/
> Am currently 'SLOWLY' working my way around the engine in an attempt to get the rubber to 'seat - fit - install' correctly to engine tinware.
> It has occurred to me that perhaps I should have installed the seal to the engine first before attaching it to the body, but I am not keen to undo the progress I have made to date. The corners seem to present the greatest difficulty and it's anything but easy. Am I doing anything wrong? Or is this a task I just have to keep going on to achieve a good fit?
> Any advice and or encouragement would be appreciated.
> Happy New Year to everyone from Australia Carl Kelsen RHD 1965 Chevrolet Corvair Monza convertible Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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