<VV> HV chokes adv follow up

Grant Young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 1 09:28:15 EDT 2018

I thought I might provide more information on the nos choke inventory I unearthed since I never expected the number of responses I would get, and replies I would be making. I am offering them at $6.95 each, which is only slightly more than what I had to pay to get them. I can add a reclaimed base for another $3, but don't have enough for all the canisters. As many of you know, the asking prices for the all plastic RP NOS ones have gone to the ridiculous level. I am limiting them to 10 per person so more people can get some. I might be able to get some more, but not sure. Shipping is $3.55 for first class and $1 for the shipping container. It is $7.55 for priority mail. Insurance is $2.60 for first class and free with priority. They are bright white with no markings like the ones that had been available since the 70's, until they practically disappeared a couple of years ago. I have seen some them with an asking price of around $40 on a couple of sites. I will send a picture to anyone who wants, but don't think I can post it on VV. Thanks for your interest and I am keeping a dozen, and will sell them until they are gone.
Grant Young, The Carbmeister

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