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The Chevy FC part number was 114496, but the parts manual no longer listed it by 1973. The early car nut was 1/4 20.  My Greenbrier's nut was missing when I got it so I got a grade 5 nut from an industrial fastener outlet.  There's  Murphy's Law corollary that says you'll find yours in six months 
Bob Hall

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I'm pretty sure the FC shares the shaft dimensions with '60 - '63 and '67 - '69 Corvairs (other Chevies from those years too).  I found a post that said '67 Camaros used 1/2 - 20.

Be aware that this is a special nut, it's certainly hardened, and it might be non-standard in thickness (I've only had ours off once).  I'd use Grade 5 or 8 for sure, you might also loctite it on.


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> Does anyone know if the steering wheel shaft size is the same for both cars and fc’s?  I’ve tried the 7/16-20 size and it doesn’t seem to fit.  FYI, mines a 64 greenbrier. 

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