<VV> My overheat event

N2VZD n2vzd at aol.com
Wed Jul 18 18:51:52 EDT 2018

Recently I swapped the heads on my Rampy FC  110HP motor with .060 cylinders and 260 cam to 95 heads (thinking it would be gutless and temporary) . It runs so good , and NO signs of pinging even on our recent 95 + degree days They will stay in place. 2 years ago I cooked this motor on the Mohawk trail so hot the light was on and oil was boiling when I could finally pull over. It has used a little oil , but is calming down healing itself. Yes I did change the oil when I got home. I have driven it @ 2500 miles since with no ill effects other than keeping track of the oil.  I built another similar motor to swap out (with the redone 95HP heads , 060 setup, 304 cam etc) , but no need for it now.      so if you need one let me know.
Regards, Tim Colson

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