<VV> Rear springs 64 coupe a/c vehicle, auto trans

Dale Dewald d66dewald at gmail.com
Sat Jul 28 22:32:37 EDT 2018

On 7/28/2018 12:00, RAY wrote:
> Could you advise what rear springs are needed for my 1964 Monza Coupe with AC & rear transverse spring. Could I use an earlier year rear spring & still leave the transaxle spring in place? Mine are a bit weak & need replacement.
Hello Ray,
As has  been discussed by previous posts to your question, the 60-63 
rear springs are too stiff to use with the '64 transverse rear spring.  
It has also been stated that '64 A/C cars have a cushion on top.  This 
cushion is nothing more than a spacer to raise up the rear of the car, 
compensating for the extra weight of the A/C equipment.  Clark's does 
sell new springs for the '64 convertible [C7545].  You may want to 
purchase these, but you will still need some kind of spacer.  You may 
also be able to add an additional or thicker spacer to lift the rear of 
your car using the existing springs.

Dale Dewald
Hancock, MI

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