<VV> FC Dash Install - dash is winning

Rods Gmail rmurray8996 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 07:14:57 EDT 2018

Help!  I’m losing the dash install battle for my 64 van w powerglide...no upfront mounting access so all points are blind from underneath (I’m not going to drill holes from the front)...2small bolts at each top corner, two screws in bottom corners, and 2 screws for pg handle (rear view pic of dash attached)...can anyone whose done this before offer any tips on best way to proceed?...ie mounting point sequence? what tools needed to reach each point?..  also is it good or bad to mount the pg handle to dash before setting dash into position?  There had to be a simple assembly line process - Chevy didn’t use circus clowns...well, maybe...Anyway, i can’t believe how bad this task is beating me at this point.  Would sure appreciate any suggestions. 

Thx, rod m

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