<VV> Corsa dash in a ‘65 Monza

Arlette Pat & Carl Kelsen arlettecarl at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 25 06:12:08 EDT 2018

G’day Everyone,
The following question I expect has probably been asked many times before as I can only imagine that retro fitting Corsa instruments to 1965-69 Monza models has to have been a very popular modification with Corvair enthusiasts for some years.

When we converted our 1965 Monza convertible to right hand drive, it made sense to usa a Corsa dash panel in that RHD conversion rather than the Monza dash and that’s what we did.

In converting a Corsa panel to right hand drive form we re-positioned the instruments slightly to the right so as to allow comfortable room for the Automatic transmission selector. We also used a rare export kilometer speedo face. The end result is very pleasing and looks as it was factory built that way!

Anyway I am now working towards completing all the wiring and electrical connections and have a few questions that I hope someone might be able to assist me with.

1/ Thermistor connection:
I have installed the Thermistor and also a Clarks Corvair supplied small wiring connector that I have running through to rear of the engine near the firewall.

Somewhere I ‘think’ I have read that my Monza wiring loom probably has an existing connection for the Thermistor that’s simply wrapped up. In other words the body wiring loom used in the Corsa and Monza is the same but unused connections are taped over when the loom is installed in a Monza.

If this is correct, then do I only have to ‘uncover’ the unused connections? Can anyone tell if I am right or wrong? Should I be looking for this connection or should I simply run another supply wire?

2/ Clock:
I have converted my Corsa clock to a hard wired quartz movement,  so this should be a maintenance free item.

3/ Tachometer:
As with the Thermistor I wonder if connections for the Tachometer might exist in our cars original Monza wiring loom?

4/ Cyl Head Temp:
Clarks Corvair offer a wiring loom (Clarks part number C7871) that seems to connect the Cylinder Head Temp and OIl Pressure sender units and from what I can see this should be simple enough? Am I missing anything here?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I am close to finishing all of our Corvairs mechanical restoration. My next step with the restoration and installation of the convertible top then the interior will follow.

Any has anyone got any advice to assist me on getting my Corsa instruments working as they should?

Carl Kelsen
1965 RHD Monza convertible (factory a/c)
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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