<VV> directional problem 1969 HELP

Jim Becker mr.jebecker at gmail.com
Sat Jun 30 12:05:31 EDT 2018

Original style 2-bulb flasher or heavy-duty flasher?  Symptoms can differ 
with the same root cause. As I recall, the 4-ways use a separate flasher 
from the turn signals.  You will probably need to test your way down several 
paths to the problem.  My first guess is a bad ground at a turn bulb.  What 
happens if you turn on the parking lights and have somebody step on the 
brakes?  Do you get 2 brake lights or one brake light while the other tail 
light goes out?  If so, the one that goes out isn't grounded.

Jim Becker

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1969 500 181,000 miles, original unrepaired drive train. winter beater.
right directional works, very slow blinking.left direction bulbs and 
indicator light up, but will not flash
emergency flasher works, proof bulbs and wireing to them is OK.
all bulbs good
replaced the flasher, that is not the problemdisconnected the wire harness 
from steering column. No corrosion at all.key buzzer and horn work.parking 
lights work
Should I suspect the contact inside the steering column? I dont like taking 
that apart till all other options are exhausted.

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