<VV> March 2018 CORSA Communique

Bob Helt bobhelt at aol.com
Sat Mar 10 14:56:22 EST 2018

I  don't see why Don wasn't told of this. How could an honest interview take place without discussing this important item?

Let's hear from Don on his views. Does he have enough articles and content  for the April issue? May?
Bob Helt
In a message dated 3/10/2018 11:58:17 AM US Mountain Standard Time, virtualvairs at corvair.org writes:

Mike McGowan had to pester folks every month to send in articles for the CORSA Communique, even though everybody involved Mike’s deadline. This includes not only feature articles, but routine articles for the columns that appear in the magazine. Then, Mike and Harry Jensen had to scramble at the last minute to layout the magazine when the articles finally arrived. That’s a lot to expect and I’m sure Don Keefe, our new editor, wasn’t expecting to do that.

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