<VV> Fw: Nashfan in car test results to date

kevin nash wrokit at hotmail.com
Mon May 28 12:04:15 EDT 2018

While no means complete or necessarily as accurate as I would like, here's some results on the Nashfan:

HP usage est.    engine rpm   shroud pressure  flow est.  efficiency est.

.05                     1000              .44-.48                 342
.39                     2000               1.7-1.82              644         46%
1.3                     3000                4-4.02                987         54%
2.45                   3707                6.6                     1268       54%      test point tension #1
3.08                   4000                7.78                   1377       55%
4.54                   4316                8.32                   1420       42%      test point tension #2
6                        5000                11.3                   1660

test point tension #1 was 2.2 ft-lbs to cause the fan pulley to slip
test point tension #2 was 3.5 ft-lbs to cause the fan pulley to slip

The HP usage estimates for 4K, 3K, 2K, and 1K are from the fan laws based on test point #1
The HP usage estimate for 5k is from the fan laws based on test point #2

Flow is estimated from pressure using Q= square root( p/k)  where p=pressure, and k=.00000411
the basis for k comes from 1550 cfm and 10"

The above numbers for pressure and estimates for flow should be taken with a "grain of salt", as
the shroud pressures were measured with the engine hot enough for the damper doors to open on
their own, and the head temps were right around 300. The 11.3" came from an in car test while driving-
so the damper doors may not have been fully open, but the head temps indicated that they should have
been. I wanted to run this test cold, but I decided not to at this time, I hate the idea of twisting a dead
cold engine to 5k on cold oil... particularly because it is still breaking in.

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