<VV> New Parts Catalog - re-send

Grant Young gyoungwolf at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 2 17:06:23 EDT 2018

Someone told me my first attempt was blank. So here goes again:
Several folks have checked with me and some asked if I would post some thoughts or information on the newest parts supplier - OPGI - and their catalog. I have mixed feelings because I am aware that big stores have a lot of overhead expense and many sub-suppliers, and that without some of them and their start up and tooling costs, we wouldn't even have access to most parts. Its also probably none of my business, especially since I am a small business owner. That said, I was more than a little surprised at the limited choices and the seemingly very high prices. Most are at least double what you could pay elsewhere, and some are triple (and more) the retail at other suppliers (including me). It also looks like the carburetor jets they offer don't have the correct entry (should be 60-deg), which would make matters worse. I won't post specific comparison Corvair prices in our public forum, but if you are shopping for a particular item and can't find what you need, or want some pricing information, you can drop me a private note. You can easily compare non-Corvair specific items such as engine spray paint that you can pick up at a LAPS for $8 to the OPGI price of $19, however, and get the gist. My SWAG is that many of their items will be drop shipped from places you might be able to buy from directly anyway. I recommend keeping your support within the Corvair community, regardless.
Grant Young

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