<VV> Quick shifter - Lost "Reverse"?

Charles Lee chaz at properproper.com
Thu Sep 13 05:24:06 EDT 2018

I just installed a "quick shifter" on my LM 4-speed, but now I lost

1 through 4 are great, but I can't shove the lever far enough to the left to
push in :reverse"?

It feels like a hard stop less than 1/3 the distance from the 3-4 to 1-2
pattern, as though it's jamming.

However there is nothing that I can see blocking the lower part's "travel"

It seems to me that the longer part below the fulcrum does not "twist"
(rotate?) the shift tube to "twist" the shaft at the transmission?

All of those parts appear to be tightly connected, no play that I can see or

Is there something else I'm overlooking?

It was fine before I installed this ...

Charles Lee

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