<VV> Fuel Leak

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Thu Sep 27 23:20:47 EDT 2018

Please excuse my last post.  Mechanical precession is exactly what is going on with left-side lug nut loosening.  I assumed you were talking about precession as it pertains to the dynamics of rotating mass.  I. E. gyroscopic precession.  I have always known it as epicyclic fretting.
By the way, mechanical precession is still a concern but the deeper tapered lug nuts added just enough friction to compensate.  In addition, the taper (acorn) itself, not just the added contact area, has been the solution to the issue in two ways.  First, the taper acts as a wedge which increases the applied force "N" in the frictional force equation.  Second, the taper allows for different diameters at different points of contact.  These interesting tricks of Physics were a game changer.
Again, my apologies,
PS:  I believe the rest of my posts to be accurate but you never know.

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