<VV> Lug Nuts ect.

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Its because I have old (stock) rims… every time the wheels come off, and the

Lug nuts get re-torqued, the actual lug nut pressure on their seats will not

be quite even…consequently there’s going to be one or more on every single wheel that are taking more of the pressure than the others, and after

putting some miles on the wheels, the dirt, rust, loading and unloading of

the lug nut seats tend to reduce the highest lug nut pressures, and when that happens, the lug nuts are looser than they were than when the wheel was installed. I seriously doubt that the lug nuts actually “loosened”, meaning rotating counter clockwise on their own from where they were when the wheel was initially installed, and I know darned well how tight

I torque the lug nuts, so the only possible explanation is that because of

the numerous less than ideal surfaces, the wheel gets re settled and re-seated, and the lug nuts need to get re-torqued, simple as that.

I had forgot to re-check the lug nuts, I probably should have checked them

100 miles after the wheels went on, which was probably sometime near the end of June.

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I would want to find out how that happened.

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All: Because I recently had all four wheels off my car doing work on the
brakes and replacing the front wheel bearings (among other things), and
because of the discussion of lug nuts falling off, I thought it would be a
REAL good idea to check the torque on my lug nuts. OUCH! 3 out of 4 wheels
had all 4 lug nuts LOOSE! Then, if that wasn't enough, I thought perhaps I
should check the front wheel bearings... only the drivers side front wheel
was 2 wrench flats loose, the other was fine. You guys saved my bacon!!
Kevin Nash
63 Turbo, EFI, Daily driver
coolest alternative engine
cooling fan on the planet!
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