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That has been done , confirmed by removing the pan and seeing it in place.I also used the tool to check  position of shift lever inside tranny.    I think something dried out over the 5 or so years of storage  and setup in the valve body. But no signs of rust etc in where I can see. Other mystery is the fluid not flowing into the fill tube without serious "burping" like vent plugged. In drive it seems normal , low seems normal , but reverse and neutral  just continues to go in forward motion.I will look at valve body later , may just pull it out and look it over , and end up with the old early back in. I rebuilt that one 10 years ago with no issues. I have redone at least 25 or more with no problems. I had a fun winter with situations like this....I rebuilt this one because it is a 64 Greenbrier unit that had a 110hp with it, All of my motors are souped up enough to make  early powerglides  work hard at times .Thanks for the reply
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Sounds like the cable is not properly connected inside the trans case. You have to have the cable pushed out as far as it will go when installing it. To do this put the shifter in reverse. Then you need to rotate the throttle lever (bell crank) all the way open when you put the cable in the case. Otherwise the knob on the cable won't engage the internal linkage. Keep pushing on the cable as you unrotate the throttle bell crank. Then install the retaining bolt.The instructions are somewhere in the manual.
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I probably will end up taking this one back out , at least it is my own truck. @5 years ago I rebuilt a rare 64 FC powerglide for myself. It has been on the shelf  waiting for install. I have installed it in the truck. First clue that a problem was looming was fluid did not want to go down the fill tube without burping. I cant get at the vent to check it other than the cap spins. I have forward speeds in all positions of shift lever. Low stays in low , shifts up in drive ok , still forward in any position of lever. I removed the vacuum line to modulator to boost pressure , still have the problem. So some valve stuck or something missing somewhere. Only other clue was I had to readjust the TV valve with the tool .Ideas ??Regards , a very tired Tim Colson  C N Y C C

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