<VV> Stock Mechanical Fuel Pump Squirts from Top?

Matt patiomatt at aol.com
Sun Apr 7 22:04:07 EDT 2019

Only way for fuel to get there is a ruptured Diaphragm…  not “Gasket”  Yes it will re-appear…and causes fire easily with distributor / Coil nearby…  Surprised after all these decades you didn’t know this!   Shows the “reliability” of most pumps!!

Matt Nall
Sea Mtn., Or.
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From: Charles Lee via VirtualVairs

What would make the stock mechanical fuel pump squirts from top?
Mine just started squirting fuel out of the hole on top of the pump.
I disassembled it, to find the gaskets were all near perfect.

 I re-assembled it and it's fine (for now?) How did the fuel get up there?

Thanks for any insights to see if it just "healed" will it come back?!?!

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