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Mon Apr 8 22:46:13 EDT 2019

Joel and VV,
I have a 1970 C20 pickup and it exhibits exactly those symptoms.  It dies only at higher RPM.  When it happens, I let the truck coast in gear in the hopes that it will restart on its own but it never does.  To start back up, I must engage the starter and it starts immediately.  I usually restart it while still in motion.  I turn the ignition switch to "off" and then to "start."  Maybe I will try to turn the ignition to "off" and then to "on" while coasting to see if it restarts without engaging the starter.  Very strange.  It has a standard points/coil ignition system.  I haven't had the time to trouble-shoot the problem but I would be grateful for any suggestions as to what is happening.
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I also have a '63 with an XR700 that randomly dies running down the highway.  Never at idle and it always starts right back up.  Sometimes it backfires when it dies.  It does it very rarely.  I'm thinking it must be the XR700.

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