<VV> URL : Revised version of the 1969 Corvair vehicle Roster isnow available (corrected link)

Matt patiomatt at aol.com
Sat Feb 2 18:53:56 EST 2019


Chaz!! Why  couldn’t you go to TinyURL.com and make a custom one… Free and takes 10seconds… 😊)

 And why do you and others ” CC”  VV??  This is what a Mail List does that!!….  you send to VV… IT  sends to everyone else on the list!   A NON  Member cannot post!!

Ps  I am is a good mood…. New girlfriend…  young!  LOL

Matt Nall
Sea Mtn., Or.
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From: Charles Lee via VirtualVairs

The link is so long that it gets clipped, and needs to be pasted together
before trying it!

Charles Lee

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