<VV> 2019 Corvair Performance Workshop - Update!

Allan Lacki redbat01 at verizon.net
Thu Feb 28 10:30:52 EST 2019

 Good news!   Three additional people have stepped forward to do presentations at the 2019 Workshop.  So here is the current list of presentations:

Ken Hand - Corvair Lifters for Street and Track…..10:00 AMto 10:30 AMFrank Parker's Extreme Performance TurboVair…..10:30 AM to11:00 AMMark Corbin - Powerglide Floor Shift Kit and More…..11:00 AMto 11:30 AMJames Rice - 6 Carbs and Who Was First?…..11:30 AM to  NoonDale Smiley - Electronic Instrument Panel Conversion…..1:30PM to 2:00 PMAllan Lacki - Safety Harnesses for Road & Track…..2:00PM to 2:30 PMStan East - Hardcore Racing Literature…..2:30 PM to 3:00 PMKen Hand – In-Car Video of Driving at the Autobahn CountryClub Track…..3:00 PM to 3:30 PM
(The “Autobahn” will be the site of NECC’s time trials inconjunction with this year’s CORSA Convention).
Did you say you haven't registered to attend?  Information and online registration is available at the Performance Corvair Group website:
And here's a link to the Event Guide:
Allan Lacki
redbat01 at verizon.net

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