<VV> You won't believe what a Stinger sold for TODAY!

John Howell 32chevy at 0306.org
Mon Jan 14 13:11:21 EST 2019


I looked until I got tired and never did see the actual car. People with 
money to burn can pay that price and it is no big deal to them but that 
does not make all other nice cars worth that much.   Bad for most of us 
that can not afford to pay those prices for Corvairs.  You could take a 
rough Corvair to FantomWorks and have it restored to like new for less 
than $200,000 !  Probably less than half of that.  Yes I know it was a 

John Howell

UV417 & UV489,    Corvair trucks, vans, and cars since 1962

On 1/13/2019 1:30 PM, Matt wrote:
> From: John Howell via VirtualVairs
> FINALLY!   Someone with enough brains to just show the price!
> =====================================================
> Brains?  If you just went to the Mecum Website you can see that~!
> The actual price the BUYER paid to possess this car  $200k + 10% “buyer’s Premium”   =  $220k
> Besides.. it wasn’t the Price….. we’ve seen $117k  $125k  in the last few years…
> It was how the auction progressed!
> https://youtu.be/wY4ChmFpih8
> Matt Nall
> Sea Mtn., Or.
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