<VV> 200,000 dollar Stinger

Smitty Smith vairologist at cox.net
Tue Jan 15 00:00:38 EST 2019

Rod Says 
> Doesn?t hurt the market either. Creates some serious visibility and potential interest in our cars.  I don?t see the logic in being opposed to some value appreciation for Corvairs.

Smitty Says;   Rod, every time I see a 64 Spyder sold for some absurd price I go out to the garage and pat My original price 200 dollar Spyder on the fender and say, Your day is coming sweetheart.  We'll show those dummies that have been putting Corvairs down all these years.  That in support of part of your post.  
On the other side is the racer guy in me that loves to go to the Stinger Reunions and see Stingers running at speed in wheel to wheel competition.  Stingers are getting a little pricey with a $50,000 price tag becoming pretty common.  Most of the owners are not really wealthy and are putting a lot on the line to race at that value.  A couple more damn fool auctions like the one in question and $200,000 could seem more normal.  How many Stinger owners do you think will put their cars on the track if that happens.  No big deal in the great scheme of things  Eras come and go.  But I'd like to see some more Stinger racing before I cash in my chips.  That is the negative side.

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