<VV> Charging Problem

Jim Simpson simpson661 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 12:17:18 EST 2019

I believe Mr. Heath was trying to say is that sometimes you have to look
beyond the connector to the wire itself.  Moisture and oxygen can cause the
wire to form an insulating layer that affects the connection between the
wire and the connector.  So while the connector itself may look bright and
shiny -- and make a good connection to the mating connector -- the
connection between the wire and connector may be at fault.

Sometimes the simplest solution is to bite the bullet and buy a new wiring
harness.  But in any case, fix the problem.  I was reading a tech tip from
a few years ago where the alternator essentially stuck on over-charge (bad
regulator) and the battery ended up blowing its top!  Very messy!!

Jim Simpson
Group Corvair

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