<VV> brake help - SOLVED!!!

JUDY HOOK judynrandy at comcast.net
Thu Jan 24 11:50:43 EST 2019

Hi there.  I just wanted to say thanks to all who chimed in on my brake help question.  For, I now have found out what the problem was.  After much discussion with family/friends/fellow corvair owners it was mentioned that, since I already had a master cylinder rebuild kit, why not go ahead and rebuild this one.  I had already considered the idea.  But previously I figured that since the brakes worked ok on the trip home that the master cylinder must be working ok. 

Now, taking it apart would be the only way to know for sure whether or not this was so. 

After removing it from the car and emptying it again, I pushed the piston to clear out any remaining fluid left inside the bore.  What I got was a killer shot of fluid out of the secondary port, (the one that started to pump up) and nothing out of the primary port. (the one that did absolutely nothing)      By jove, I think i'm onto something!

Imagine my surprise, when I got it apart, to find that the innards were the exact same thing as was present in the rebuild kit I got from clark's.  Upon further investigation the mystery was solved.  When I looked down the bore of said master cylinder with my flashlight to inspect it, guess what I saw?  Yup. If you said rust pits and cavities at the primary piston area, you'd be correct.  It seems that someone just whipped a hone through it and slapped in a rebuild kit, rust pits be damned.   So it seems that I actually drove the car home with brakes only on the front 2 wheels!!! 

I ordered a new master cylinder from Clark's on Tues. 

Thanks again,

Randy (Cap'n) Hook

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