<VV> Elect problem

Jon Peters 1tallguy at att.net
Sat Jul 6 12:25:57 EDT 2019

Got a electrical problem with my 1964 Monza convertible.Went on a road trip, heading back early in the morning on HW 101 radio, gps andhigh beams on. All of a sudden everything goes off, pitch dark, about 1- or2-seconds lights come back on, big backfire as the engine restarts, and off wego as if nothing had happened. Went on for 5 minutes happened again. Restartedas before. We pulled off at a rest area check out the main wires in the engine compartment,the connecter at the battery was good, 12v main power plugin at the harness hadbeen replaced already with a splice, both at the battery and the splice are newwires and were tight and cool to the touch.  Waited till it got lighter, found that once Iused low beam it only did it once or twice and rest of the trip home about 200miles with the lights off it did not cut out at all. I’m guessing it is at thefuse box. Any of you have had the same problem?

Thanks Jon Peters, 1tallguy at att.net

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