<VV> Smokin' Carb

Kenneth Schifftner scrubbr at ix.netcom.com
Sat Jul 6 14:24:53 EDT 2019


I had this problem many years ago on the drive from San Diego to the Flagstaff Convention. 

Upon stopping for a break, I could smell gas. The fuel vapor “smoke” was coming from one of the carburetors. Luckily, Dave Palmer was part of the group going to the convention. He diagnosed and fixed the problem. Fuel could be seen dripping (not a lot) from the carburetor cluster.

The tiny float movement dampening spring attached to the carburetor float was misadjusted (restricted the float’s upward movement). Thus, the float couldn’t put enough upward pressure on the float needle valve. Dave made sure the spring had free movement and adjusted the float level. I drove on to Flagstaff and back w/o further problems.

Perhaps that is what is causing the “smoke”.

Ken Schifftner

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