<VV> Finding manual transmission oil locally?

Hugo Miller hugo at aruncoaches.co.uk
Wed Jul 10 10:08:21 EDT 2019

Why? Because I thought it might be helpful. Gear oils have changed a 
lot since Corvair were made. Most notably, there used to be a clear 
distinction between hypoind oils and EP oils. Now, by some magic, they 
have combined the qualities of the two - which may be good news for 
hypoid diffs, but it is definitely not good news for synchro boxes, as 
the hypoid element makes the synchro cones slip instead of biting.
The reason I mentioned it at all is that I had a friend with a German 
ZF commercial gearbox. He had just had it serviced, and when he got it 
back it was practically undriveable. It turned out that the agents had 
changed the gearbox oil and filled it with hypoid (or maybe Hypoid/EP) 
oil. I had never come across this issue before, so I called ZF. They 
were aware of it, and recommended using ATF in their synchro boxes. I 
have always used ATF since then, and it definitely gives improved gear 
I am guessing that this info may be news to some readers, as it was to 
me, so I decided to share it.
I don't think location is important in this day and age - eBay is only 
a click away once you decidat you are looking for.

On 2019-07-10 14:52, Matt  via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Hugo…
> I can only ask WHY  you posted info on  the science of Gear lube….???
> All the poster asked was WHERE to find some in their locality.  Not
> only did the OP  never say where they lived.. no one asked them!!
> Matt Nall
> Sea Mtn., Or.
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> "Catching up" being the operatve phrase! You are of course correct, 
> but
> we've been over this. What threw me was that my Corvairs do NOT have
> integrated gearbox and axle oil. I simply had no idea that the manual
> design would be so different from the automatic.
> In my defence, this is what I said when somebody alerted me to this a
> while back;  "Here is what I wrote - You will not find the word 
> 'diff'
> or 'differential' anywhere in my post ..."
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