<VV> BLOWER BEARING CORES? 4 carb 110hp heads F/S

N2VZD TIM n2vzd at aol.com
Sun Jul 21 17:14:21 EDT 2019

I have a build up of blower bearing cores (all types) here. I hate to toss them , but they have no value?I think there are 17 in the box. I bought several that did not give core returns over the years.I am trying to get rid of things like that  without kicking myself for doing so later on.Also , I have a set of late 110hp heads with extra carb mounts installed for sale. I spent a lot of money on this project a few years ago , including new valves , guides , hardware , etc at a known Corvair shop . They welded the extra risers on in same position as a 140 so stock  linkage , fuel lines , and air cleaners will fit.I have the cross linkage with them to fit a FC . Any reasonable offers? Air cleaner setup for FC  or Lakewood is tough. That is why I gave up. They would be fine for a car. They ran very  good.Regards, Tim Colson    http://www.cnycorvair.com/Little_Corvair_Shop.php

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