<VV> BLOWER BEARING CORES? 4 carb 110hp heads F/S

FrankDuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Sun Jul 21 18:21:24 EDT 2019

Tim, you have the bearing with the stock cast iron hub mounted? The hub 
is reusable.

Or you have whole top cover assemblies with bearing and hub that need 
new bearings? Top covers are nice to have to replace broken ones or ones 
whose holes are now too large to hold the bearing shaft. Or ones that 
have holes drilled in them for the bolts to hold the modified baffle 
plate (bad idea, I replace everyone I see with stock baffle and good top 
cover. I do not like the idea of nuts falling into the crankshaft area.

Frank DuVal

On 7/21/2019 5:14 PM, N2VZD TIM via VirtualVairs wrote:
> I have a build up of blower bearing cores (all types) here. I hate to toss them , but they have no value?I think there are 17 in the box. I bought several that did not give core returns over the years.I am trying to get rid of things like that  without kicking myself for doing so later on.Also , I have a set of late 110hp heads with extra carb mounts installed for sale. I spent a lot of money on this project a few years ago , including new valves , guides , hardware , etc at a known Corvair shop . They welded the extra risers on in same position as a 140 so stock  linkage , fuel lines , and air cleaners will fit.I have the cross linkage with them to fit a FC . Any reasonable offers? Air cleaner setup for FC  or Lakewood is tough. That is why I gave up. They would be fine for a car. They ran very  good.Regards, Tim Colson

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