<VV> Does diff share oil with PG?

Charles Lee chaz at properproper.com
Sun Jul 21 17:36:21 EDT 2019


Main question: Does the LM (or any Corvair) diff share oil with PG? 


The PG does not appear to leak and was OK when I first got the car.


I tilted my '65 110 PG to work on the starter.


Before working the floor was (almost) clean, but when I tilted the driver's
side of car, I have a leak from the inboard rt side strut bolts.


I inspected around the area for the source ~ the big side "nut" on the diff
seems clean, but oil was dripping from the lower strut rod bolt heads while
I pulled the starter out, and pooled a LOT of oil in that short time.


The car has not been driven at all in the last few weeks.


I removed the bolts (without removing the strut rod bracket from the diff)
and cleaned the oil up to let her sit overnight.


Next day, there is no more noticeable oil on the brackets or on the floor.


So, all of the oil leaked out, or the oil level is below the leak?


Any insights I need to figure this out?


Charles Lee


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