<VV> Getting there

Hubert Smith vairologist at cox.net
Mon Jul 22 09:53:15 EDT 2019

Good morning world.  Another day in the rehab hospital.  I think most of you are old enough to know how these things work.  Be doing something important like scratching your eyebrow and all at once realize that, no way could you ever have even raised your hand, much less scratched an eyebrow a week ago.  A lot of the credit goes to the cute, sweet little PT nurses with hearts of stone that can always squeeze one more lap , beyond human endurance , out of the latest session.
Getting out of here all depends on me.  The criteria depends on being able to go to the bathroom by myself,  bathing myself,  feeding myself,  being able to walk to the parking lot on my own two feet.  Some of those things seem miles away but are attainable.
I want to thank every one of my seldom seen but much appreciated friends who sent cards and email notes from around the country.  Hope you had a great convention.  Smitty.

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