<VV> Caveman Hulk or scrap??

Eric Taylor corveric at me.com
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A taker has been found!  
Another caveman saved from a horrid death in the scrap yard!


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Does anybody have any interest in this car?  A chap saw me driving my
Corveric recently and stopped me to say he is interested in giving this to
somebody who may be able to use some parts.  It will need a bit of effort to
move it, but he wants nothing for it.  He is aware of the fact that toe '60s
had unique styling and thought that somebody, somewhere may want this.

I do not want it, but I offered to put it out to the Corvair world.  This is
a bit of a distance from a lot of you, it is 50 kilometres from Vancouver,
BC which is two hours north of Seattle (for those of you less familiar with
Canadian geography).  
Here is a link to the few pictures I could get.  I could not open the bonnet
or the doors.  The door handles are very stiff, and there is no lock on the
bonnet.  When I stuck my finger in the key hole to see if I could actuate
the release, I found a swarm of angry wasps unhappy with my choice of finger
holes.  I did not try any more after that.

My estimation is that the car has been there a couple of years max as it
does not show up in the Google earth view.  I am happy to put any interested
party in touch with the owner.  He says he has registration papers and such.
I see a 1995 parking pass on the windshield and I see Clarks 2005 parts
catalogue on the front seat.  The current owner may just scrap it but was
proactive enough  when he saw me in my Corvair to see if it would have any
interest from the Corvair community first.  He thinks the engine has a dead
cylinder, that is all the info I got.  This is the time of year to loo at it
as the grass is dry and you can walk and probably drive right in, I think
come autumn and winter, that may be more of a challenge.



Eric Taylor

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