<VV> Turbo Carb Setup

Brian bmoneill at juno.com
Wed Jul 31 08:34:44 EDT 2019

 I am struggling to finish up a 1965 turbo project that has been haunting me for months.  The car was a disaster!  The owner,the son of one of our members doesn't have the money for a full restoration which is what this car really needs.  He blew up the engine and I rebuilt it.  I ran it on the test stand with two carburetors and it 
started and ran well.  It is now back in the car and I am trying to figure out the carburetor linkage.  There is a small link that goes from the carburetor to the rod that goes across to the throttle rod from the gas pedal.  It has to swivels one on each end. I'm trying to figure out how long this link should be. Can someone provide me the overall length.  Not from the swivels but from the two pieces when put together.  I hope I've made myself clear cause I want this thing out of my life.  
Many thanks.

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