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Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Mon Jun 3 13:35:34 EDT 2019

My question is what is failing in the Powerglides?  Are they just suffering from 50 year old seals?

“Not run well”. How?  Seat of pants feel is better with clutch, but Powerglides should run well, usually keep up with 4 speeds. 

Frank DuVal

> On Jun 2, 2019, at 3:23 PM, jwcorvair--- via VirtualVairs <virtualvairs at corvair.org> wrote:
> My situation is that I have a 62 four door running a 164 inch engine with a (yet again) blown Powerglide. This is the second PG in this car and, quite frankly, I am thoroughly sick of PGs. They have never run well in this car. The interior is perfect, but the exterior is in poor condition from sitting out for some time. The car will need a complete paint job.
> I also have a 64 Spyder with a blown engine, rotted interior, bad paint, very little rust (just a couple of spots at the rear fenders), and cracked windshield. No clean title.
> So here are my options:
> 1. Remove 164 inch engine from 62 and install in the Spyder to get it running. (I have the original 145 inch engine from 62 that I can reinstall).2. Remove the running gear from the Spyder and install in the 62 to create a four-door Spyder.
> I'm on the fence with this because I'm not certain which is going to give me the most bang for the buck (I'm not thinking monetary buck, but rather most enjoyment). Certainly, putting the 164 inch engine in the Spyder would relatively easy and keep a fairly limited model on the road (though it would be a pain to get a clean title). The clean up and complete "restoration" of the Spyder would be time consuming and expensive.
> The transfer of running gear to the 62 would be time consuming, not expensive, and I would end up with a some what unique car - that finally runs. Also, I am more attached to the 62 because of what was going on in my life at the time I bought it.
> I also have a 65 Monza four-door that has a four-speed. I could scrap the 62 four-door and the 64 Spyder and just enjoy the 65 four-door (it needs a little TLC, but nothing like the other cars).
> So, what are your thoughts and opinions. I would really like to know because I continue to vacillate on this.
> Regards,Joe White62 four-door Monza64 Spyder65 four-door Monza

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