<VV> 64 Spyder spark problem

FrankDuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Sun Jun 9 22:31:10 EDT 2019

And if there is voltage at the + terminal of the coil (measured to 
engine ground) how much, and does it change as you open and close the 
points? Also does the voltage measured at the - terminal of the coil 
change as you open on close the points? You can open and close the 
points by a screwdriver (open them if closed, short them if open) or 
bumping the engine with the starter. DO not try turning the engine with 
a wrench while doing this test, just in case it starts!=-O

I would have done the voltage measurement first, before changing any parts.

Frank DuVal

On 6/9/2019 1:26 PM, Harry Yarnell (Verizon) via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Does the rotor turn?
> Do you have voltage at the + side of the coil?
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> All,
> Starter and lights work but I continue to get no spark (Pulled coil wire out
> enough to see a spark arc.) on my son's 64 Spyder.
> So far we've:
> -          Replaced the Pertronix Igniter unit with old fashion points &
> condenser. No Spark.
> -          Replaced the coil with a spare. No Spark
> -          Checked wire continuity of wire from Positive Coil Terminal to
> 2-shared connector at firewall. OK
> -          Checked continuity of resistor wire from 2-shared connector
> (Shared with Positive Coil Terminal) from firewall to 10-terminal connector
> at Firewall. OK
> Our next check is the wires from the 2-shared connector to the starter. We
> didn't disturb these wires so I have my doubts.
> Any suggestion on what we might do/check next would be greatly appreciated.
> After the next check outlined above, I'm out of things I can think of to
> check or try.
> Thanks.
> Gary Lowell

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