<VV> Torque Wrench Question (no Corvair)

John Beck jb30343 at windstream.net
Sun Jun 16 14:58:24 EDT 2019

Not exactly a Corvair question but it could be.

Last week I bought another torque wrench on Ebay.  It was listed as 1/2" 
drive and I didn't look closely enough.  It arrived on Friday and turns 
out to be 3/8" drive.  Seller's error.  I don't really need another 3/8" 
drive torque wrench but the "return" button on Ebay isn't working and 
the price was low enough that I might be better off just keeping it.

It is a CDI model 1002MFRPH.  If I'm going to keep it, I need to be able 
to calibrate it.  I have done that with other clicker type torque 
wrenches by using weights and adjusting the calibration for several 
different torques.  I'm comfortable with that being accurate enough.  
The problem with this particular torque wrench is that the handle is 
covered with a hard plastic grip.  There doesn't appear to be any way to 
remove the cover or access the adjustment nut.  Is anyone in the group 
familiar with this wrench?

If I'm going to return this wrench I should call Ebay support tomorrow 
about why the return button doesn't work.  The seller made a mistake but 
I don't feel right about keeping him waiting while I decide what to do.  
I e-mailed Snap On tech support but my guess is that it will take them a 
while to get back to me.  Many Thanks. --J.B.

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