<VV> Torque Wrench Question (no Corvair)

FrankDuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Tue Jun 18 00:20:14 EDT 2019

I just had a Snap-On click torque wrench calibrated by them (through the 
truck ), cost was $80. I see you can buy a new CDI MFRPH on Amazon for 

Frank DuVal

On 6/16/2019 2:58 PM, John Beck via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Not exactly a Corvair question but it could be.
> Last week I bought another torque wrench on Ebay.  It was listed as 
> 1/2" drive and I didn't look closely enough.  It arrived on Friday and 
> turns out to be 3/8" drive.  Seller's error.  I don't really need 
> another 3/8" drive torque wrench but the "return" button on Ebay isn't 
> working and the price was low enough that I might be better off just 
> keeping it.
> It is a CDI model 1002MFRPH.  If I'm going to keep it, I need to be 
> able to calibrate it.  I have done that with other clicker type torque 
> wrenches by using weights and adjusting the calibration for several 
> different torques.  I'm comfortable with that being accurate enough.  
> The problem with this particular torque wrench is that the handle is 
> covered with a hard plastic grip.  There doesn't appear to be any way 
> to remove the cover or access the adjustment nut.  Is anyone in the 
> group familiar with this wrench?
> If I'm going to return this wrench I should call Ebay support tomorrow 
> about why the return button doesn't work.  The seller made a mistake 
> but I don't feel right about keeping him waiting while I decide what 
> to do.  I e-mailed Snap On tech support but my guess is that it will 
> take them a while to get back to me.  Many Thanks. --J.B.

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