<VV> Help needed with disabled Corvair in Dakota / Detroit area

Charles Lee chaz at properproper.com
Fri Jun 28 23:57:39 EDT 2019

This message was posted on Facebook:

Hi I've got a 66 Monza and the fan locked up and broke the belt. It was
built as a show car and has not been on the road til I bought it.
I did 800 miles before fan stopped and I'm not sure what the issue is and is
has not been opened up yet as I'm on the road away from home as I just
bought the car... any suggestions

I do not know the exact location, but if you can see the Facebook page, you
may find more info to help him?

It seems his fan bearing seized and broke his fanbelt

The car is the green custom 1965 Corvair from SEMA that has "suicide" doors

Charles Lee

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