<VV> Rear Window/Back Light

Paul Siano paulsiano at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 12 15:52:31 EDT 2019

To the guys of VV.  I sent the following to Jody Brown.

I had several offers for windows in a short span of time.  My approach was to take the offers one at a time and keep them in order...not a good strategy.  Too much time went by.  Some offers, including yours, got forgotten/lost in the shuffle due to my lack of memory and organization.  I apologize.  
The one I bought was scratch free but bumpy.  I tried solvents, Lacquer thinner and acetone, which didn't do anything.  After watching Youtube videos, I tried 0000 steel wool.  It took off the bumps but left very fine scratches.  The window now looks fine at a distance but up close, scratches can be seen.  I'm trying to decide if my next step is to polish the window in an attempt to eliminate the scratches or accept it the way it is. 

If I try polishing and am not successful and mess up the glass, I may be in the rear window market again.
I sincerely thank you for your offer to help.

Paul Siano   (352) 249-7519

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