<VV> "Bluewall" Whitewall Tire Protectant

Jim corvair at frontiernet.net
Mon Mar 25 08:35:40 EDT 2019

Before going to the convention in Pittsburgh last summer, I replaced all the
tires and spare on my '69.  Like all new whitewall tires, mine came with a
blue protectant sprayed over the white to protect them during shipping and
handling.  It washes off with soap and water.  I left the blue on the one
that's the spare, thinking that it would keep it clean in the engine
compartment.  However, I've been reconsidering leaving it like that,
questioning whether the heat and time might make it permanent.  
Does anyone know if it can safely be left on the tire or should it be
removed?  Of course, if I rotate the tires, the blue would have to be
removed anyway, so this would be a moot point.  Just wondering . . .
Jim Bartasevich
In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of
weather inside of four and twenty hours. - Mark Twain



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