<VV> "Bluewall" Whitewall Tire Protectant

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I would remove it.  I left "the blue" on my Bronco's spare with raised white letters and had a terrible time removing it after some years.  I did remove it eventually but it was a real PITA.
In addition, since all of your tires are the same and the same age, I would rotate them.  This is especially the case if it is a daily driver and you put lots of miles on them.  You will get an extra 25% miles out of the set.  If left in the engine compartment for its life, the spare will deteriorate with age and heat even if it never sees the road.  If you were to use the best of the old set as a spare, it would be a different story.
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Before going to the convention in Pittsburgh last summer, I replaced all the tires and spare on my '69.  Like all new whitewall tires, mine came with a blue protectant sprayed over the white to protect them during shipping and handling.  It washes off with soap and water.  I left the blue on the one that's the spare, thinking that it would keep it clean in the engine compartment.  However, I've been reconsidering leaving it like that, questioning whether the heat and time might make it permanent.
Does anyone know if it can safely be left on the tire or should it be removed?  Of course, if I rotate the tires, the blue would have to be removed anyway, so this would be a moot point.  Just wondering . . .
Jim Bartasevich

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