<VV> basic tire question

Matt patiomatt at aol.com
Sat May 25 15:29:42 EDT 2019

The FC are almost 50/50  weight… so no differential need except for weight of engine

For ANY  vehicle..

To find your correct pressures use the talcum powder method, starting at max. tire press. on sidewall and lowering until you get full tread contact as you roll over it.

Matt Nall
Sea Mtn., Or.
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From: Chris Ziebell via VirtualVairs

I know the general policy of putting less air in the front tires than the
rear.  Does that change at all if I have different sized tires in the front
and rear?

I have two vehicles as follows:

61 Rampside Pickup
65 Monza Convertible

How would you inflate the tires on each of these?



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