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Yes Matt, unless you are carrying a load in which case, you need more pressure in back.  That depends on where the load is positioned in the bed.  The dip in the bed tends to center the load and it still isn't a big concern.  Of course, most of us no longer use our FCs as work horses.  I don't recall, but I believe the factory recommendations were for more pressure in the rear tires like the cars.
You should inflate the tires according to your use.
Great suggestion on the talcum powder.  I suppose you could do it with water if no powder was available.  Keep in mind that you can still underinflate the tires without the tread patch showing as a problem.  I would say that full tread contact with the road without a visible sidewall bulge is what to look for.
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The FC are almost 50/50  weight? so no differential need except for weight of engine
For ANY  vehicle..
To find your correct pressures use the talcum powder method, starting at max. tire press. on sidewall and lowering until you get full tread contact as you roll over it.

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I know the general policy of putting less air in the front tires than the rear.  Does that change at all if I have different sized tires in the front and rear?
I have two vehicles as follows:
61 Rampside Pickup65 Monza Convertible
How would you inflate the tires on each of these?

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